The national archives of Romania

Public relations

ANR put on your disposal all information you needed for your soliciting.This Page, content information about public relation,contact dates,main documents,who is possible to soliciting,and how need to be filled out,the requestes,and petitions,and out taxes,for delibering


If you want one request,here is the place of the bedining! We tell you how and where you are able to cunsult the documents from AN. you find the work program,regulation of the study room and all other info

Funds and collections

The found of National Archives Collections is now On disposal,All u need to do is to acces this page.


Creations and Keepers of the archives,is possible to obtain good informations for hes activities,to access on this page


Is one tradition,about publications of documents and studies,regarding our archives. This Page, is present for you publications of ANR and future projects.We are sure you find interesting,our magasine too.


We have a pleasure to work with pasionate,and skills peoples, A carrier in nationale Achives,is possible to start right here.Step to this page,and you'll see if it works for you




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